Note: Before any user can have access to our loan portal for instant loan,every user must have received or sent $10 worth of bitcoin and above on palmcoin crypto wallet. Go through your dashboard to generate your bitcoin wallet from your dashboard to receive,send,and store bitcoin using our crypto wallet.

Also note that,palmcoin crypto wallet allow users to send bitcoin to other crypto wallet like,luno,paxful,etc.


1. You click on the button “apply for loan.”

2. Fill in your details like (first name,last name,sex,email address,phone number,username,bank details) then you click on summit.

3. Palmcoin will credit your bank account first with ₦200 to ₦500.

Note: The reason we credit users bank account first with ₦200 to ₦500 is to know if such user bank account is correct or can get an alert when we finally disburse their loan to them.

4. After you have been credited within ₦200 to ₦500, your loan balance will be credited with ₦10,000 before it will be sent to your bank account.

Note: first loan giving to users is ₦10,000,when you pay back your loan with your palmcoin your loan will be increased to ₦20,000 and so on till you can take up too ₦200,000 loan. The faster you pay back your loan the faster your loan request increases.

Remember: You can only use palmcoin to pay back your loan

Note: To get a loan without a loan credit score,kindly purchase a voucher and you can get a loan with 0% loan credit score.


1. ₦10,000 loan pay back with 52,100palmcoin.

2. ₦20,000 loan pay back with 105,000palmcoin.

3. ₦25,000 loan pay back with 270,000palmcoin.

4. ₦40,000 loan pay back with 420,000palmcoin.

5. ₦100,000 loan pay back with 1,100,000palmcoin.

6. ₦150,000 loan pay back with 1,600,00palmcoin.

7.₦200,000 loan pay back with 2,100,000palmcoin.

If you can follow the steps very carefully above,you will get a loan within few minutes.

Thank you.
From Palmcoin Team.