White Paper Overview

“In this paper, we try to propose a solution that can empower all the popular distributed ledgers. We call this solution palmcoin. Palmcoin(pmc) is not about creating yet another crypto currency or a competitor to any distributed crypto currencies. 

Palmcoin is a Nigerian crypto currency that can only be used in Nigeria by Nigerians only, and can be swiftly tradable with great value, which intends in solving financial and economical problems in Nigeria.

Similar to what Lighting Network and Liquid are for the Bitcoin blockchain, palmcoin is a public distributed ledger to allow any public distributed ledgers to gain trillions of TPS, sub second final confirmation, zero transaction fee, enhanced privacy and unlimited extensibility” in the palmcoin community

“Ethereum, is blazing through traditional financial systems with the force of a prairie fire. Although blockchain technology is still in the initial stages of development, its transparent mechanisms and open concepts show tremendous vitality. Palmcoin seeks to link the present to the future, through the exploration and implementation of palmcoin technology. 

Palmcoin aims to build a distributed “bank”. Just as traditional banks are the infrastructure of the current financial framework, palmcoin technology seeks to build a new, distributed infrastructure of digital assets to form an improved, modern framework – an ambitious goal indeed.”

 “palmcoin technology is a scalable, agent-centric distributed computing platform. We use a formalism to characterize distributed systems, show how it applies to some existing distributed systems, and demonstrate the benefits of shifting from a data-centric to an agent-centric model. We present a detailed formal specification of the palmcoin system, along with an analysis of its systemic integrity, capacity for evolution, total system computational complexity, implications for use-cases, and current implementation status.”

With the solution palmcoin technology has introduced to Nigeria, every Nigerian is given the greatest opportunity to hold a great value without much stress or difficulty.

These is an overview of palmcoin white paper for better understanding for everyone to know the future of palmcoin crypto currency an its technology.

Thank you.
From Palmcoin Team.